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contact reed wholesale

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multiple contact points in connectors for HV GIS

We are the leading manufacture of the spring contacts and strip contacts, and we devote ourselves to this filed for 20 years.

multiple contact points in connectors specification

We have professional technical engineer to design optimal drawing according to customers requirements, simple parameter as below:
Installation Example----multiple contact points in connectors in Circuit Breaker.

Spiral spring is mainly used for HV&MV switchgear components, auto parts, oil exploration and testing equipment, hydraulic sealing and other fields, with multiple contact points, small size, easy assembly and so on. Each coil can work independently, correcting for large area contact tolerances and surface irregularities

Test Equipments:

We own many advanced test equipments domestic and overseas, such as CNC machine, CNC Spring coiling machine, Electric pulse Punching machine, Laser welding equipment and Atomic absorption reed wholesale