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ribbon silver foil manufacturers

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Genuine silver leaf in roll(width: 9cms, length: 20.5 meters)
ITEM NAME:Genuine silver leaf in roll(width: 9cms, length: 20.5 meters)
FEATURES:Genuine silver leaf in roll (width: 9cms) is made of 100 % silver.
Ribbon genuine silver leaf are manufactured from sheets of loose silver leaf which stick to a continuous length of paper about 20.5 meters long.
PACKING DETAILS:packing details:
Standard size for ribbon leaf: width- 9 cms, length -20.5 meters
(We could cut the rolls into smaller width.)
SAMPLES:Approval sample for a bulk order could be provided free of charge.
PAYMENT TERMS:payment in advance is required.
Bank wire transfer, Western Union or Paypal is acceptable.
SHIPMENT MEANS:To be shipped by express, by air or by sea.
PRICES:prices will be quoted according to specific demand quantities.ribbon silver foil manufacturers